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a, abandonment, abdomen, abdominal, abducent, abductor, able, abnormal, abnormal, abnormalities, abnormality, abo, aborter, abortion, abortive, abortus, above, abrasion, abscedens, abscess, abscess, absence, absent, absorption, abuse, acanthamoebiasis, acantholytic, acariasis, acc, accentuation, accepting, access, accessory, accide, accident, accident, accidental, accidentally, accidents, accommodation, accompanying, according, acculturation, acetabuli, acetabulum, acetonuria, achalasia, achilles, achondrogenesis, achondroplasia, acid, acidifying, acidosis, acids, acne, acoustic, acquaintance, acquired, acrodermatitis, acromegaly, acromioclavicular, acth, acting, actinic, actinomycetoma, actinomycosis, actinomycotic, active, activities, activity, acts, acuta, acute, acute, addiction, addictive, addisonian, adductor, adenoids, adenomatous, adenoviral, adenovirus, adequate, adherent, adhesions, adhesive, adhesives, adjustment, administered, administration, administrative, admission, adnexa, adolescence, adolescent, adrenal, adrenocortical, adrenogenital, adrenomedullary, adult, adverse, advice, affected, affecting, affective, african, after, against, agalactia, age, agencies, agenesis, agent, agents, agitation, agnosia, agoraphobia, agricultural, agriculture, aid, ainhum, air, aircraft, airway, akari, alba, albinism, albumin, alcohol, alcoholic, alcohols, alexia, algoneurodystrophy, alighting, alimentary, aliphatic, alkalizing, alkalosis, all, alleged, allergens, allergic, allergy, allescheriasis, alone, alopecia, alpha, alphafetoprotein, altered, altitude, aluminium, alveolar, alveolitis, amaurosis, amblyopia, amenorrhoea, aminoderivatives, aminoglycosides, amnesia, amniocentesis, amniotic, amoebiasis, amoebic, amoeboma, amount, ampulla, amputation, amputations, amyelia, amyloidosis, amyotrophy, anabolic, anaemia, anaemias, anaerobes, anaesthesia, anaesthetic, anaesthetics, anagen, anal, analeptics, analgesia, analgesic, analgesics, analogues, anankastic, anaphylactic, anarthria, anastomosis, ancylostomiasis, androgen, androgenic, androgens, anencephaly, aneurysm, aneurysmal, anger, angiitis, angina, angiodysplasia, angioneurotic, angioplasty, angiosarcoma, angiostrongyliasis, anhidrosis, anhydrotic, ani, animal, animals, anisakiasis, aniseikonia, anisometropia, ankle, ankyloglossia, ankylosing, ankylosis, annular, annulare, anodontia, anogenital, anomalies, anomalous, anomaly, anonychia, anophthalmos, anopsia, anorectal, anorexia, anosmia, another, anovulation, anoxic, antagonists, antecedent, antenatal, antepartum, anterior, anterograde, anthelminthics, anthrax, antiallergic, antiandrogens, antianxiety, antiarteriosclerotic, antiasthmatics, antibiotic, antibiotics, antibody, anticholinesterase, anticoagulant, anticoagulants, antidepressants, antidiarrhoeal, antidiuretic, antidotes, antidysrhythmic, antiemetic, antiepileptics, antiestrogens, antifungal, antigonadotrophins, antihyperlipidaemic, antihypertensive, antimalarials, antimetabolites, antimycobacterial, antineoplastic, antiparkinsonism, antiprotozoal, antipruritics, antipsychotics, antipyretic, antipyretics, antirheumatic, antirheumatics, antispasticity, antithyroid, antitussives, antivaricose, antiviral, antrum, anuria, anus, anxiety, any, aorta, aortic, aortocoronary, aortopulmonary, apathy, aphakia, aphasia, aphonia, aphthae, apical, aplasia, aplasias, aplastic, apnoea, apocrine, apparatus, appearance, appendage, appendages, appendicitis, appendicular, appendix, appetite, appliances, application, applied, apraxia, aqueduct, arch, area, areata, arenaviral, areola, arhinencephaly, arising, arithmetical, arm, armed, aromatic, around, arrest, arrested, arrhythmia, arrhythmias, arsenic, arterial, arteries, arterioles, arteriosus, arteriovenous, arteritis, artery, artery, arthritis, arthrodesis, arthrogryposis, arthropathies, arthropathy, arthropod, arthropods, arthrosis, articular, articulation, artificial, aryepiglottic, asbestos, ascariasis, ascending, aseptic, aspect, aspergillosis, asphyxia, aspiration, aspirator, assault, assistance, assisted, associated, association, asthma, astigmatism, astringents, asymmetry, asymptomatic, ataxia, ataxias, ataxic, atelectasis, atherosclerosis, atherosclerotic, atlantoaxial, atopic, atresia, atrial, atrioventricular, atrium, atrophic, atrophicae, atrophicans, atrophicus, atrophies, atrophoderma, atrophy, attachment, attack, attacks, attempted, attention, attic, atticoantral, attitude, attrition, atypical, audiological, auditory, aural, aureus, auricle, auricular, australian, australis, authorities, authority, autism, autoimmune, autonomic, autosensitization, autosomal, autosomes, available, aversion, avulsion, awaiting, awareness, axillary,
b, babesiosis, baby, bacillus, back, background, bacterial, bacteriological, bacteriologically, bagassosis, balance, balanced, balanic, balanoposthitis, balantidiasis, balkan, balloon, bancrofti, band, barbae, barbiturates, barotrauma, bartonellosis, basal, base, based, basilar, bcg, beat, because, before, behalf, behaviour, behavioural, belly, below, benign, benzene, benzodiazepines, benzothiadiazine, beriberi, berries, berylliosis, beryllium, beta, betting, between, biceps, bicipital, bicornate, bifascicular, bifida, bifurcation, bilateral, bile, biliary, bilirubin, biliuria, binocular, biochemical, biological, biomechanical, biovar, bipolar, birth, births, biting, bizarre, black, bladder, blastomycosis, blasts, bleeding, blepharitis, blepharochalasis, blepharoconjunctivitis, blepharospasm, blighted, blind, blindness, block, blocking, blood, blood, blue, blunt, boarding, body, body, bone, bones, bony, border, borderline, bordetella, born, boss, both, botulism, bowel, bowing, boydii, brachial, bradycardia, brain, branchial, brazilian, break, breaks, breast, breathing, breech, broad, bromhidrosis, bromine, bronchiectasis, bronchiolitis, bronchitis, bronchomalacia, bronchopneumonia, bronchopulmonary, bronchus, brow, brucella, brucellosis, brugia, bruising, bubonic, bulimia, bullosa, bullous, burn, burns, bursa, bursal, bursitis, bursopathies, bursopathy, bus, buttock, butyrophenone, bypass, byssinosis,
c, cadmium, caecum, caesarean, calcaneal, calcaneovalgus, calcaneovarus, calcaneus, calcific, calcification, calcinosis, calcitonin, calcium, calculous, calculus, california, callosum, calories, campylobacter, canal, candidal, candidiasis, canis, cannabinosis, canthus, cantonensis, capillariasis, capillaries, capitis, capsulati, capsulitis, carbamate, carbohydrate, carbon, carbuncle, carcinoid, carcinoma, carcinomas, cardia, cardiac, cardiogenic, cardiomegaly, cardiomyopathies, cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular, carditis, care, care, caries, carinatum, carinii, carotid, carpal, carpometacarpal, carpus, carried, carrier, cartilage, caruncle, catalase, cataplexy, cataract, catastrophic, catatonic, catheter, catheterization, cauda, cauliflower, causalgia, cause, caused, causes, causing, cava, cavity, cavus, cell, cells, cellularity, cellulitis, cellulocutaneous, cementum, central, centrifugum, centrilobular, cephalhaematoma, cercarial, cerebellar, cerebellum, cerebral, cerebral, cerebrospinal, cerebrovascular, cerebrum, cereus, ceroid, certificate, cerumen, cervical, cervicalgia, cervicobrachial, cervicocranial, cervicofacial, cervix, cessation, cestode, chain, chalazion, chamber, chambers, change, changes, chapters, characterized, cheek, chelating, chemical, chemicals, chemistry, chemotherapy, chest, chiasm, chiefly, chignon, chikungunya, chilblains, child, childbirth, childhood, chin, chlamydia, chlamydial, chloasma, chloramphenicol, chlorine, chlorofluorocarbons, chloroform, choanal, cholangitis, cholecystitis, choledochal, cholelithiasis, cholera, cholerae, cholestasis, cholesteatoma, cholesterolosis, cholinergic, chondrocalcinosis, chondrodysplasia, chondroectodermal, chondrolysis, chondromalacia, chordae, chordee, chorea, chorioamnionitis, choriomeningitis, chorioretinal, choroid, choroidal, chromhidrosis, chromium, chromomycosis, chromosomal, chromosome, chromosomes, chronic, chronic, chronic, chronica, chronicus, chylous, chyluria, cicatricial, ciguatera, ciliary, circulating, circulation, circulatory, circumcision, circumscribed, circumstances, circumstantial, cirrhosis, civatte, civil, class, classical, classifiable, classified, classified, classified, classmates, clavicle, clawfoot, clawhand, cleaved, cleft, clicking, climacteric, clinical, clitoris, cloaca, cloacogenic, clonic, clonorchiasis, cloral, clostridium, clotting, clubbing, clubfoot, clubhand, cluster, cluttering, coagulants, coagulation, coarctation, cocaine, coccidioidomycosis, coccyx, cochlear, coeliac, cognitive, cold, coli, colitis, collagenosis, collapse, collapsed, collateral, collision, coloboma, colon, colorado, colostomy, colour, column, coma, combination, combinations, combined, commissure, common, communicable, communicating, comparison, compensatory, complaint, complement, complete, completed, complex, complicated, complicating, complication, complication, complications, complications, component, compound, compounds, compression, conception, concern, concerning, concerns, concomitant, concretions, concussion, condensans, condition, conditions, conduct, conduction, conductive, confined, confirmation, confirmed, conflagrations, conflict, congeners, congenita, congenital, congenital, congenital, congenital, congenital, congestion, congestive, conglobata, conjoined, conjugate, conjunctiva, conjunctival, conjunctivitis, connection, connections, connective, conorii, consanguinity, constipation, constituents, constitutional, constrictive, construction, consulting, contact, contagiosum, containing, contaminants, contaminated, context, continua, continuing, continuity, continuous, contraception, contraceptive, contraceptives, contracted, contraction, contractions, contracture, contraindication, contralateral, control, contusion, convalescence, conventional, convergence, convergent, conviction, convulsions, coordination, copper, cor, cord, cords, cornea, corneal, coronary, coronavirus, corporis, corpus, correct, corrosion, corrosions, corrosive, cortex, cortical, cosmetic, cosmetics, cough, counselling, counsellors, coxa, coxarthrosis, coxsackievirus, crab, cracked, cramp, cranial, craniofacial, craniopharyngeal, craniorachischisis, craniosynostosis, crepitant, crest, crime, criminal, crisis, cruris, crushed, crushing, cryoglobulinaemia, cryptococcosis, cryptosporidiosis, crystal, crystallina, crystalline, cuff, culture, current, currently, curvature, cutanea, cutaneous, cutis, cyanide, cyanides, cyanosis, cyanotic, cycle, cyclist, cyclitis, cyclothymia, cyst, cystic, cysticercosis, cystitis, cystocele, cystostomy, cysts, cytological, cytomegaloviral, cytomegalovirus,
d, dacryoadenitis, dacryocystitis, damage, deaf, deafness, death, decalvans, deep, defect, defective, defects, deferens, defiant, deficiencies, deficiency, deficiency, deformations, deformed, deforming, deformities, deformity, degenerated, degeneration, degenerations, degenerative, degradation, degree, degree, dehydration, delayed, deletion, deletions, delirium, delivery, delivery, delusional, dementia, demoralization, demulcents, demyelinating, demyelination, density, dental, dentine, dentofacial, deoxybarbiturates, dependence, dependent, depletion, depolarization, deposit, deposition, deposits, depressants, depression, depressive, deprivation, derailment, derangement, derangements, derivative, derivatives, dermatitis, dermatographic, dermatomyositis, dermatophytoses, dermatophytosis, dermatopolymyositis, dermatoses, dermatosis, descended, descending, described, desensitization, desire, destruction, destructive, detachment, detachments, detail, detergents, deterrents, development, developmental, deviated, device, devices, dextrocardia, diabetes, diabetic, diagnosis, diagnostic, dialysis, diaphragm, diaphragmatic, diaphyseal, diarrhoea, diastasis, diastematomyelia, dicentric, dichloromethane, dicrocoeliasis, diet, dietary, dietetic, difficile, difficult, difficulties, difficulty, diffuse, digestants, digestive, digital, dilatation, dilated, dilution, diminished, dioxide, diphtheria, diphyllobothriasis, diplegia, diplegic, diplopia, dipylidiasis, disabilities, disability, disablement, disappearance, disaster, disc, discharge, discitis, discoid, discontinuity, discord, discordant, discrimination, disease, disease, diseases, diseases, disinhibited, disintegrative, dislocation, dislocations, disorder, disorder, disorder, disorder, disorder, disorders, disorders, disorientation, displaced, displacement, disproportion, disruption, disruptions, dissecans, dissection, disseminated, dissocial, dissociative, distress, disturbance, disturbances, disulfide, disuse, diuretics, diutinum, divergent, diverticular, diverticulum, divorce, dna, documented, dolichocephaly, dome, dominant, done, donor, dorsal, dorsalgia, dorsopathies, dorsopathy, dosage, double, doubling, drainage, draining, dressings, drive, driver, driving, drowning, drug, drugs, drugs, drum, dry, duboisii, duct, ducts, ductus, due, due, due, due, due, due, duodenal, duodenitis, duodenum, duplication, duplications, during, during, dust, dusts, dyes, dysarthria, dysenteriae, dysentery, dyserythropoietic, dysfunction, dysfunctions, dyshormogenetic, dyskinesia, dyskinetic, dyslexia, dysmenorrhoea, dysmorphism, dysostosis, dyspareunia, dysphagia, dysphasia, dysphonia, dysplasia, dysplasias, dysplastic, dyspnoea, dysreflexia, dysrhythmia, dysthymia, dystocia, dystonia, dystrophic, dystrophica, dystrophies, dystrophy, dysuria,
e, ear, early, ears, eastern, eaten, eating, ebola, ecchymoses, eccrine, echinococcosis, echinococcus, echovirus, eclampsia, economic, ectasia, ectopic, ectropion, eczema, edentulous, education, educational, effect, effects, effluvium, effusion, egodystonic, ejaculation, elaboration, elastosis, elbow, elderly, elective, electric, electrolyte, electronic, element, elements, elevated, elevatum, elimination, elliptocytosis, elongation, elsewhere, elsewhere, elsewhere, eltor, embedded, embolism, embryo, embryonic, emergency, emetics, emollients, emotional, emotionally, emotions, emphysema, employment, enabling, enamel, encephalitis, encephalocele, encephalomyelitis, encephalopathy, enchondromatosis, encopresis, encountering, encysted, end, endocardial, endocarditis, endocardium, endocervix, endocrine, endometrial, endometriosis, endometrium, endophthalmitis, endoscopic, endotracheal, enduring, enema, engorgement, enjoyment, enlarged, enlargement, enophthalmos, entanglement, entering, enteritis, enterocele, enterocolitica, enterocolitis, enterohaemorrhagic, enteroinvasive, enteropathogenic, enteroptosis, enterostomy, enterotoxigenic, enteroviral, enterovirus, enthesopathies, enthesopathy, entropion, enuresis, environment, environmental, enzyme, enzymes, eosinophilia, epicondylitis, epicranial, epidemic, epidermal, epidermolysis, epididymis, epidural, epiglottis, epiglottitis, epilepsy, epileptic, epilepticus, epiphora, epiphyseal, episcleritis, episode, episodes, epispadias, epistaxis, epithelium, equina, equine, equinovarus, erosion, eruption, erysipeloid, erysipelothrix, erythema, erythematosus, erythematous, erythraemia, erythrasma, erythrocyte, erythrocytosis, erythroderma, erythroleukaemia, erythropoietic, escherichia, essences, essential, esters, estrogen, estrogens, etc, ethanol, ethmoidal, eumycetoma, eustachian, evasiveness, event, events, evidence, ex, exacerbation, examination, examination, examinations, exanthem, excavatum, except, exceptionally, excess, excessive, excipients, excluding, exclusion, execution, exercise, exertion, exfoliation, exhaustion, exhibitionism, exocervix, exogenous, exomphalos, exophthalmic, exostoses, expected, expectorants, experience, explained, explanation, explosion, explosions, explosives, exposure, expressive, exstrophy, extensor, extent, externa, external, extra, extracorporeal, extraction, extractor, extradural, extrahepatic, extraintestinal, extramedullary, extrapyramidal, extrarenal, extravasation, extreme, extremely, extremities, extremity, eye, eyeball, eyelid, eyes,
face, facial, facies, facilities, facility, factitia, factitial, factor, factors, faecal, failed, failure, falciparum, fall, fallopian, fallot, false, familial, family, fascial, fascicular, fasciculation, fasciitis, fascioliasis, fasciolopsiasis, fat, fatigue, fatty, feared, febrile, feeding, feet, female, femoral, femur, fertilization, fertilized, fetal, fetalis, fetishism, fetishistic, fetopelvic, fetus, fetus, fever, fevers, fibrillation, fibroadenosis, fibroblastic, fibroelastosis, fibromatosis, fibromuscular, fibromyalgia, fibrosclerosis, fibrosis, fibrothorax, fibrous, fibula, field, figurate, filariases, filariasis, finding, findings, finger, fingers, firearm, fires, first, fish, fissure, fissured, fistula, fistulae, fitting, fixation, fixed, flaccid, flail, flatback, flexion, flexneri, flexor, flexure, floor, fluid, fluke, fluoride, fluorine, fluorosis, flushing, flutter, focal, folate, fold, foliaceus, follicular, follicularis, folliculitis, following, following, food, foodborne, foot, foot, foramina, forceps, forces, forearm, foreign, forest, form, formaldehyde, formation, forms, fossa, found, foundling, fourth, fracture, fracture, fractures, fragile, fragments, freckles, frequent, friend, frightening, from, front, frontal, frostbite, fructose, fugax, fugue, fulminating, fumes, function, functional, functioning, functions, fundus, fungicides, fungoides, furuncle, fused, fusel, fusion,
gain, gait, galactorrhoea, galactose, gallbladder, gallstone, gambiense, gambling, gamma, gammaherpesviral, gammopathy, ganglia, ganglion, ganglionic, ganglionitis, gangliosidosis, gangosa, gangrene, gas, gases, gastric, gastrin, gastritis, gastroduodenitis, gastroenteritis, gastroenteropathy, gastrointestinal, gastroschisis, gastrostomy, gaze, gender, general, generalized, generally, genetic, geniculate, genital, genitalia, genitourinary, geographic, geotrichosis, gestation, gestational, gestationis, giant, gigantism, gingiva, gingival, gingivitis, gingivostomatitis, girdle, given, gland, glanders, glands, glandular, glans, glaucoma, global, globe, globulin, glossitis, glossodynia, glossopharyngeal, glottis, glucagon, glucocorticoids, gluconeogenesis, glucosaminoglycan, glucose, glutathione, gluteal, glycine, glycogen, glycols, glycolytic, glycoprotein, gm, gnathostomiasis, goitre, gonarthrosis, gonococcal, gonorrhoea, gout, graft, grafts, grand, granuloma, granulomatous, granulosus, gravid, gravidarum, gravis, greases, great, greater, ground, group, growth, gum, gummata, guttate,
h, habit, habits, habitual, haemangioma, haemarthrosis, haematemesis, haematocolpos, haematogenous, haematological, haematoma, haematometra, haematopoietic, haematosalpinx, haemoglobinopathies, haemoglobinuria, haemolysis, haemolytic, haemopericardium, haemoperitoneum, haemophagocytic, haemophilus, haemopneumothorax, haemoptysis, haemorrhage, haemorrhage, haemorrhages, haemorrhagic, haemorrhoidal, haemorrhoids, haemothorax, hair, hairy, halitosis, hallucinations, hallucinogen, hallucinosis, hallux, halogen, halogenated, hand, hand, hands, hard, harlequin, harmful, hazardous, head, head, headache, health, healthy, hearing, heart, heat, heatstroke, heavy, hebephrenic, helicopter, helminthiases, helminthiasis, helping, hemifacial, hemiplegia, hemiplegic, hemisphere, hepatic, hepatis, hepatitis, hepatoblastoma, hepatocellular, hepatomegaly, hepatorenal, herbicides, hereditary, heredofamilial, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism, hernia, heroin, herpes, herpesviral, herpeticum, herpetiformis, heterochromatin, heterophoria, heterotropia, heterozygous, hiatus, hiccough, hidradenitis, high, hip, hip, hirsutism, hirudiniasis, histamine, histiocytic, histiocytosis, histocompatibility, histological, histologically, histoplasmosis, history, histrionic, hit, hiv, holiday, holoprosencephaly, home, homelessness, homologues, hookworm, hordeolum, hormone, hormones, horseshoe, hospital, hostilities, hostility, hot, hourglass, hours, household, housing, humanus, humerus, humour, hunger, hydantoin, hydatidiform, hydrarthrosis, hydrocarbons, hydrocele, hydrocephalic, hydrocephalus, hydrogen, hydromyelia, hydronephrosis, hydrops, hydroureter, hydroxyapatite, hydroxylysine, hygiene, hymen, hymenal, hymenolepiasis, hyperaesthesia, hyperaldosteronism, hyperalimentation, hypercarotenaemia, hypercementosis, hypercholesterolaemia, hyperchylomicronaemia, hyperemesis, hyperfunction, hypergammaglobulinaemia, hyperglycaemia, hyperglyceridaemia, hyperhidrosis, hyperkalaemia, hyperkeratosis, hyperkinetic, hyperlipidaemia, hypermetropia, hypermobility, hypernasality, hypernatraemia, hyperosmolality, hyperostosis, hyperparathyroidism, hyperphenylalaninaemias, hyperpigmentation, hyperplasia, hyperplastic, hyperprolactinaemia, hypersecretion, hypersensitivity, hypersomnia, hypersplenism, hyperstimulation, hypertelorism, hypertension, hypertensive, hyperthermia, hyperthyroidism, hypertonia, hypertonic, hypertrichosis, hypertrophic, hypertrophy, hyperuricaemia, hyperventilation, hypervitaminosis, hyphaema, hypnotic, hypnotics, hypoaesthesia, hypocalcaemia, hypochondriacal, hypofunction, hypogalactia, hypogammaglobulinaemia, hypoglossal, hypoglycaemia, hypoinsulinaemia, hypokalaemia, hypomagnesaemia, hypomania, hypomanic, hyponasality, hypoparathyroidism, hypopharyngeal, hypopharynx, hypopituitarism, hypoplasia, hypoplastic, hypospadias, hyposplenism, hypostatic, hypotension, hypothalamic, hypothermia, hypothyroidism, hypotonia, hypotony, hypoventilation, hypovolaemic, hypoxia, hypoxic, hysterectomy,
i, iatrogenic, ichthyosiform, ichthyosis, icterohaemorrhagica, identified, identity, idiopathic, ii, ileostomy, ileum, ileus, iliac, iliotibial, ilium, illness, imaging, imbalance, imbricata, iminostilbenes, immaturity, immediate, immediately, immersion, immune, immunization, immunodeficiencies, immunodeficiency, immunoglobulin, immunological, immunoproliferative, immunosuppressive, immunotherapy, impacted, impaction, impaired, impairment, imperfecta, imperforate, impetiginization, impingement, implant, implanted, implants, imported, impotence, imprisonment, impulse, inaccessibility, inadequate, inadvertent, inappropriate, incarceration, incidents, incipient, including, income, incompatibility, incompetence, incompetent, incomplete, incontinence, incontinentia, incoordinate, incorrect, increased, indeterminate, indigenous, individual, individuals, induced, induction, induratio, industrial, industries, inertia, inexplicable, infancy, infant, infantile, infants, infarction, infected, infection, infection, infections, infectious, infective, inferior, infertility, infestation, infestations, infiltrative, inflammation, inflammations, inflammatory, inflicted, influence, influences, influenza, influenzae, infratentorial, infundibular, infused, infusion, ingested, ingrowing, inguinal, inhaled, inherited, inhibitor, iniencephaly, initial, injected, injection, injured, injured, injuries, injuries, injuring, injury, injury, injury, injury, injury, injury, inlet, inner, innocent, innominate, inorganic, insecticides, insemination, insertion, insipidus, insomnia, inspissated, instabilities, instability, instantaneous, institution, institutional, institutions, instrument, instrumental, insufficiency, insufficient, insurance, intake, integument, intent, intercostal, intermediate, intermittent, internal, internally, internuclear, interstitial, intertrigo, intervention, interventions, intervertebral, intestinal, intestine, intestines, into, intolerance, intoxication, intoxications, intracardiac, intracerebral, intracranial, intractable, intraductal, intrahepatic, intramural, intraocular, intrapartum, intrapelvic, intrasphincteric, intraspinal, intrathoracic, intrauterine, intravenous, intraventricular, intrinsic, introduce, introduction, intubation, intussusception, invasive, inversion, inversus, investigation, involuntary, involved, involvement, involving, involving, iridocyclitis, iris, iron, irradiation, irregular, irritability, irritable, irritant, irritative, ischaemia, ischaemic, ischiorectal, isoimmunization, isolated, isolation, isomerism, isosporiasis, issue, isthmus, its,
japanese, japonicum, jaundice, jaw, jaws, jejunum, job, joint, joints, jugular, junction, junctional, junin, juvenile,
k, karyotype, keloid, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis, keratoconus, keratolytics, keratomalacia, keratopathy, keratoplastics, keratosis, kernicterus, ketones, kidney, kinking, kissing, klebsiella, knee, known, knuckle, kyasanur, kyphoscoliotic, kyphosis,
labia, labium, laboratory, labour, labour, labyrinthine, labyrinthitis, laceration, lacerations, lack, lacrimal, lacrimogenic, lactase, lactating, lactation, lactose, laevocardia, lagophthalmos, lamellar, landlord, language, lanuginosa, large, larva, laryngeal, laryngitis, laryngocele, laryngomalacia, laryngopharyngitis, laryngotracheitis, larynx, lassa, late, latent, later, lateral, laxa, laxatives, layers, lead, leading, leak, least, left, leg, legal, leiomyoma, leishmaniasis, leisure, lens, lenses, lepromatous, leprosy, leptospirosis, lesion, lesion, lesions, lesser, letalis, lethal, leukaemia, leukaemias, leukocytes, leukoderma, leukoencephalopathy, leukoma, leukomalacia, leukonychia, leukoplakia, level, level, levels, licence, lichen, lichenoid, lichenoides, lie, life, lifestyle, ligament, ligaments, ligature, light, lightning, limb, limb, limbs, limitation, limited, linear, lines, lingual, lip, lipid, lipodystrophy, lipofuscinosis, lipoidica, lipomatosis, lipomatous, lipoprotein, lipotropic, lips, liquids, listerial, listeriosis, literacy, live, liveborn, livedoid, liver, living, lobar, lobe, lobes, lobomycosis, lobular, lobulated, local, localized, locked, lodgers, loiasis, long, longitudinal, loop, loose, lordosis, loss, louis, love, low, lower, lower, lower, lumbago, lumbar, lumbosacral, lump, lung, lungs, lupus, luschka, luteum, lyme, lymph, lymphadenitis, lymphadenopathy, lymphangioma, lymphangitis, lymphatic, lymphoblastic, lymphocutaneous, lymphocytic, lymphoedema, lymphoepithelioid, lymphohistiocytosis, lymphoid, lymphoma, lymphomatoid, lymphosarcoma, lysine,
machine, machines, machupo, macrocephaly, macrocheilia, macroglossia, macrolides, macrophthalmos, macrostomia, macrotia, macula, made, magendie, magnesium, main, major, majus, mal, malabsorption, maladjustment, malar, malaria, malariae, malayi, male, malformation, malformations, malformations, malfunction, malignant, malignant, malleolus, malnutrition, malocclusion, malposition, malpresentation, maltreatment, malunion, mammary, management, mandible, mandibulofacial, manganese, mania, manic, manifestations, mansonelliasis, manuum, marburg, marginal, marginatum, marine, marked, marker, markers, marrow, mass, massive, mast, mastitis, mastocytosis, mastodynia, mastoid, mastoidectomy, mastoiditis, mastopathy, maternal, maternal, maturation, maxillary, means, measles, measure, measures, mechanical, mechanism, meconium, media, medial, median, mediastinum, medical, medicament, medicaments, medication, medulla, medullary, megacolon, megakaryoblastic, megalencephaly, megaloblastic, megaloureter, meiotic, melaena, melanin, melanocytic, melanoma, melioidosis, melitensis, mellitus, member, membrane, membranes, meninges, meningismus, meningitis, meningococcaemia, meningococcal, meningoencephalitis, meningomyelitis, meniscus, menopausal, menopause, menstrual, menstruation, mental, mention, mentioned, meralgia, mercury, mesenteric, mesothelial, mesothelioma, metabolic, metabolism, metacarpal, metal, metals, metaphyseal, metatarsal, metatarsalgia, metatarsus, methadone, methaemoglobinaemia, methaemoglobinaemias, methanol, methicillin, methods, methylxanthines, microangiopathy, microbiological, microcheilia, microphthalmos, microscopic, microscopy, microstomia, microtia, micturition, middle, midline, migraine, migrainosus, migrans, mild, milestone, miliaria, miliary, milk, mineral, mineralocorticoids, minor, minus, misadventures, mismanagement, mismatched, misplaced, missed, misshapen, mitochondrial, mitral, mittelschmerz, mixed, mobility, mode, moderate, molar, mole, molluscum, molybdenum, moniliformis, monitoring, monoarthritis, monoclonal, monocytic, mononeuritis, mononeuropathies, mononeuropathy, mononucleosis, monoplegia, monosomy, more, morgagnian, morphological, mosaicism, mother, motion, motor, motor, motorcycle, mottled, mouth, movement, movements, moyamoya, mucinosa, mucinosis, mucocele, mucocutaneous, mucoid, mucopolysaccharidoses, mucopolysaccharidosis, mucopurulent, mucormycosis, mucosa, mucosal, mucous, mucus, multifocal, multiforme, multilocularis, multinodular, multiparity, multiple, multiple, multiplex, mumps, murmur, murmurs, muscle, muscles, muscular, musculocutaneous, musculoskeletal, mushrooms, mutism, myalgia, myasthenia, mycetoma, mycobacterial, mycoplasma, mycoses, mycosis, myelinolysis, myelitis, myelodysplastic, myelofibrosis, myeloid, myeloma, myelomonocytic, myelopathies, myelopathy, myeloproliferative, myiasis, myocardial, myocarditis, myoclonus, myoglobinuria, myokymia, myometrium, myoneural, myopathies, myopathy, myopia, myositis, myotonic, myringitis, myxoedema,
naegleriasis, naevi, nail, nails, narcolepsy, narcotic, narcotics, nasal, nasofrontal, nasopharyngeal, nasopharyngitis, nasopharynx, natural, necatoriasis, necessary, neck, neck, necrobiosis, necrosis, necrotizing, need, needing, negative, neglect, neighbours, neonatal, neonatorum, neoplasm, neoplasm, neoplasms, neoplastic, neovascularization, nephrogenic, nephropathy, nerve, nerve, nerves, nervosa, nervous, nervousness, neural, neuralgia, neuralgic, neurasthenia, neuritis, neurogenic, neuroleptic, neuroleptics, neuroma, neuromuscular, neuron, neuronal, neuronitis, neuropathic, neuropathies, neuropathy, neurosyphilis, neurotic, neutropenia, newborn, newborn, newborn, nicotine, night, nightmares, nigra, nile, nipple, nitidus, nitric, nitroderivatives, nitrogen, nitroglycerin, no, nocardiosis, node, nodes, nodosa, nodular, nodularis, nodule, nodules, noise, nonadministration, nonallergic, nonautoimmune, nonbullous, noncollision, noncompliance, nondisjunction, nondysenteric, nonfamilial, nonfatal, nonhydatidiform, noninfectious, noninfective, noninflammatory, nonionizing, nonmedicinal, nonmotor, nonobliterative, nonopioid, nonorganic, nonparalytic, nonprogressive, nonpurulent, nonpyogenic, nonrheumatic, nonruptured, nonscarring, nonspecific, nonsuppurative, nonthoracic, nonthrombocytopenic, nontoxic, nontraffic, nontraumatic, normal, normally, norwalk, nose, nostril, not, not, not, notched, noted, noxious, nuchae, nuclear, nucleotide, numbers, nummular, nutrient, nutritional,
o, obesity, object, objects, oblique, obliterative, obscuring, observation, obsessional, obstetric, obstructed, obstruction, obstructive, occipital, occlusion, occlusions, occulta, occupant, occupational, occurring, ocular, oculoglandular, oculomandibular, oculomotor, oculopathy, oddi, odontoclasia, odontogenic, oedema, oesophageal, oesophagus, official, oil, oils, old, olecranon, olfactory, oligohydramnios, oligomenorrhoea, omsk, only, onset, onychogryphosis, onycholysis, oophoritis, opacities, opacity, open, opening, openings, operation, operations, ophiasis, ophthalmological, ophthalmoplegia, opiate, opioid, opioids, opisthorchiasis, opium, opportunistic, oppositional, optic, oral, orbit, orbital, organ, organic, organism, organisms, organophosphate, organs, organs, orgasmic, orientation, orifice, origin, originating, ornithine, orofacial, oropharynx, oropouche, orthodontic, orthopaedic, orthopoxvirus, orthoptic, orthostatic, osmotic, osseous, ossicles, ossificans, ossification, osteitis, osteoarthropathy, osteochondritis, osteochondrodysplasia, osteochondrodysplasias, osteochondropathies, osteochondropathy, osteochondrosis, osteodystrophy, osteogenesis, osteolysis, osteomalacia, osteomyelitis, osteonecrosis, osteopathy, osteopetrosis, osteophyte, osteoporosis, otalgia, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, otherwise, otitic, otitis, otological, otorhinolaryngological, otorrhagia, otorrhoea, otosclerosis, ototoxic, out, outcome, outlet, outside, oval, ovale, ovarian, ovaries, ovary, overactive, overactivity, overdose, overeating, overfeeding, overgrowth, overlap, overlapping, overload, overprotection, overuse, ovulation, ovum, oxazolidinediones, oxides, oxytocic,
pacemaker, packing, pads, paedophilia, pain, painful, paints, palate, palindromic, palliative, pallor, palmar, palmaris, palpitations, palsy, pancreas, pancreatic, pancreatitis, panencephalitis, panlobular, panmyelosis, panniculitis, pansinusitis, papillae, papillary, papilloedema, papillomata, papillomavirus, papovavirus, papulosis, papulosquamous, papyraceous, parachutist, paracoccidioidomycosis, paraesthesia, paraesthetica, paraganglia, parageusia, paragonimiasis, parahaemolyticus, parainfluenza, paraldehyde, paralysis, paralytic, parametritis, parametrium, paranoid, parapertussis, parapharyngeal, paraplegia, parapsoriasis, parasitic, parasitism, parasitologically, parastrongylus, parathyroid, paratyphoid, paraurethral, parent, parental, parenteral, parenting, parietal, parietoalveolar, parkinsonism, parosmia, parotid, paroxysmal, part, partial, participation, partner, parts, parts, party, parvovirus, pasini, passages, passenger, passive, pasteurellosis, patella, patellae, patellar, patellofemoral, patent, pathological, pathways, patient, patients, pattern, patulous, pauciarticular, pectoris, pectus, peculiar, pedal, pedestrian, pedicle, pediculosis, pediculus, pedis, peliosis, pelvic, pelviperitoneum, pelviperitonitis, pelvis, pemphigoid, pemphigus, penetrating, penicillin, penicillins, penicillosis, penile, penis, penoscrotal, perceived, perceptions, perforans, perforated, perforating, perforation, perforations, performance, perfusion, perianal, periapical, periarthritis, pericarditis, pericardium, perichondritis, perifolliculitis, perimenopausal, perinatal, perineal, perinephric, perineum, periocular, period, periodic, periodontal, periodontitis, periodontosis, perioral, peripheral, peristalsis, peritoneal, peritoneum, peritonitis, periurethral, periventricular, peroneal, peroxidase, persecution, persistent, person, personal, personal, personality, persons, pertrochanteric, pertussis, pervasive, pes, pesticide, pesticides, petit, petroleum, petrositis, phaeomycotic, phakomatoses, phakomatosis, phantom, pharmaceutical, pharyngeal, pharyngitis, pharyngoconjunctivitis, pharyngotonsillitis, pharynx, phenol, phenothiazine, phenotype, phenylketonuria, phlebectasia, phlebitis, phlebothrombosis, phobias, phobic, phosphorus, photoallergic, phototoxic, phrenic, phthiriasis, physical, physiological, pica, piedra, piercing, pierini, pigmentation, pigmentations, pigmented, pigmenti, pigmentosum, pilaris, pilonidal, pineal, pinna, pinta, pituitary, pityriasis, place, placed, placenta, placental, plagiocephaly, plague, plana, planopilaris, plantar, plantaris, plants, planus, plaque, plasma, plasmacytoma, plasmodia, plasmodium, plastic, plastica, plate, platelet, pleura, pleural, pleurisy, plexus, plicated, plug, pluriglandular, pneumococcal, pneumoconiosis, pneumocystis, pneumomediastinum, pneumonia, pneumoniae, pneumonic, pneumonitis, pneumopericardium, pneumothorax, poikiloderma, poisoning, pole, poliomyelitis, pollen, pollution, polyangiitis, polyarteritis, polyarthritis, polyarthropathy, polyarthrosis, polychondritis, polyclonal, polycystic, polycythaemia, polydactyly, polydipsia, polyglandular, polyhydramnios, polymorphic, polymorphous, polymyalgia, polymyositis, polyneuropathies, polyneuropathy, polyostotic, polyp, polyphagia, polyploidy, polypoid, polysyndactyly, polytrichia, pontine, poor, popliteal, porphyria, portal, portion, portions, position, possession, postcardiotomy, postcholecystectomy, postcoital, postconcussional, postcricoid, postdysenteric, postencephalitic, posterior, posteruptive, postgastric, postimmunization, postinfectious, postinfective, postinflammatory, postlaminectomy, postmastectomy, postmastoidectomy, postmenopausal, postoophorectomy, postoperative, postpartum, postphlebitic, postprocedural, postradiation, postsurgical, postural, posture, postviral, potassium, potential, pouch, poverty, praevia, preauricular, precerebral, precipitate, precocious, precordial, predominance, predominantly, preference, pregnancy, pregnancy, premature, prematurity, premenopausal, premenstrual, preoccupation, preparations, preparatory, prepatellar, prepuce, presbycusis, presbyopia, prescription, presence, presenile, present, presentation, pressure, preterm, previous, priapism, primarily, primary, primigravida, prison, problem, problems, procedure, procedures, proceedings, process, procreation, procreative, proctitis, proctocolitis, product, products, profunda, progestogens, programme, progressiva, progressive, prolapse, prolapsed, proliferative, prolonged, prolymphocytic, prometaphase, prominent, promyelocytic, properly, prophylactic, propionic, prostate, prostatitis, prostatocystitis, prosthesis, prosthetic, protectants, protein, proteins, proteinuria, protozoa, protozoal, protrusio, prune, prurigo, pruritus, pseudarthrosis, pseudocoxalgia, pseudocyst, pseudofolliculitis, pseudohermaphroditism, pseudohypoparathyroidism, pseudomonas, pseudopelade, pseudopolyposis, pseudosarcomatous, psoas, psoriasis, psychiatric, psychoactive, psychological, psychosexual, psychosocial, psychostimulants, psychotherapy, psychotic, psychotropic, pterygium, ptosis, puberty, pubis, puerperal, puerperium, pulmonale, pulmonary, pulmonary, pulp, pulpal, pulpitis, pump, punctata, puncture, pupillary, pure, purine, purposes, purpura, purpuric, purulent, pustular, pustulosis, pyaemic, pyelonephritis, pyloric, pylorospasm, pylorus, pyoderma, pyogenic, pyonephrosis, pyothorax, pyrazolone, pyrexia, pyridoxine, pyrimidine, pyruvate,
quadriceps, quadriplegic, quadruplet, qualitative, qualities,
rabies, radial, radiation, radicular, radiculopathy, radiodermatitis, radiological, radiotherapy, radius, railway, raised, rape, rapid, rate, reaction, reactions, reactive, reading, rearrangement, rearrangements, reason, reasons, reattached, receptive, receptor, recession, recessive, reconstructive, recruitment, rectal, rectocele, rectosigmoid, rectovaginal, rectum, recurrent, red, reduced, reduction, reflex, reflux, refraction, refractory, regarding, regimen, region, regions, regular, regulation, regurgitated, regurgitation, rehabilitation, rejection, relapsing, related, relationship, relationships, relative, relaxation, release, relief, remedying, remission, removal, remove, renal, render, renovascular, reovirus, repair, repeat, replaced, reported, reproductive, reptiles, requested, research, residential, residual, resistance, resistant, resorption, respirator, respiratory, response, responsiveness, restlessness, restrictive, resulting, results, resuscitation, retained, retardation, reticulata, reticuloid, retiform, retina, retinal, retinopathy, retinoschisis, retracted, retrograde, retromolar, retroperitoneum, retropharyngeal, retrovirus, rh, rhesus, rheumatic, rheumatica, rheumatism, rheumatoid, rhinitis, rhinocerebral, rhinophyma, rhinosporidiosis, rhinovirus, rhodesiense, rhomboid, rhomboidalis, rib, riboflavin, ribs, rickets, rickettsia, rickettsial, rickettsialpox, rickettsii, rickettsioses, rickettsiosis, rider, ridge, rifamycins, rift, right, rigidity, rigidus, ring, ritual, rivalry, river, rocio, rodenticides, role, rolling, root, rosacea, ross, rotation, rotator, rotaviral, round, routine, rubella, ruber, rubra, rumination, ruminations, rupture, ruptured,
sac, sacral, sacrococcygeal, sacroiliac, sacroiliitis, sacrum, sadomasochism, saginata, salicylates, saline, salivary, salmonella, salpingitis, salt, salts, sandfly, saphenous, sarcoidosis, sarcoma, sarcomas, scalp, scapegoating, scapula, scar, scars, schedule, schistosoma, schistosomiases, schistosomiasis, schizoaffective, schizoid, schizophrenia, scholastic, school, schooling, sciatic, sciatica, sclera, sclerema, scleritis, sclerodactyly, scleroderma, sclerosing, sclerosis, sclerosus, scoliosis, scombroid, scorbutic, scorpion, screening, scrotal, scroti, scrotum, seafood, seafoods, seasonal, seborrhoea, seborrhoeic, second, secondary, secondary, secretion, section, sedative, sedatives, sedimentation, seduction, seeking, seen, segment, segmental, seizures, seminal, senile, senilis, sensation, sensations, sense, senses, sensitization, sensorineural, sensory, separation, sepsis, septa, septal, septic, septicaemia, septicaemic, septum, sequelae, sequelae, sequestration, seronegative, seropositive, serous, serpiginosa, serum, services, session, severe, sex, sexual, sexually, shaft, shafts, sharp, sheath, shellfish, shigella, shigellosis, shock, short, shoulder, shoulder, shunting, sialoadenitis, sialolithiasis, sibirica, sibling, sick, sickling, sickness, side, sideroblastic, sideroblasts, sideropenic, siderosis, sigmoid, signs, silent, silica, simian, simple, simplex, single, singleton, sinus, sinuses, sinusitis, siphon, site, sites, situ, situation, situs, size, skeletal, skeleton, skills, skin, skin, skull, sleep, slow, slowness, small, smell, smoke, snake, sneezing, so, social, socialized, sodium, soft, soil, solar, solids, solitary, solium, solvent, solvents, somatic, somatization, somatoform, some, somnolence, sonnei, sound, sounds, source, spacecraft, sparganosis, spasm, spasmodic, spastic, special, special, species, specific, specified, specified, specified, spectacles, speech, spelling, spermatic, spermatocele, sphenoidal, spherocytosis, spherophakia, sphincter, sphingolipidosis, spider, spina, spinal, spine, spirillosis, spirochaetal, spleen, splenic, splenomegaly, split, spondylitis, spondyloepiphyseal, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, spondylopathies, spondylopathy, spondylosis, spontaneous, sporotrichosis, sport, spotted, spouse, sprain, sprains, sprue, spur, sputum, st, stage, stannosis, staphylococcal, staphylococci, staphylococcus, state, stated, states, stationary, stature, status, steatocystoma, steatorrhoea, stem, stenosis, stenosis, stereotyped, sterilization, sternoclavicular, sternocleidomastoid, sternomastoid, sternum, steroid, stiffness, stillbirth, stillborn, stimulant, stimulants, stimulator, stock, stoma, stomach, stomatitis, storage, storm, strabismus, strain, strains, strange, streetcar, streptobacillosis, streptococcal, streptococci, streptococcus, stress, stressful, striae, striatonigral, striatus, stricture, stridor, stroke, strongyloidiasis, structural, structurally, structure, structures, strychnine, studies, stump, stupor, subacute, subaortic, subaponeurotic, subarachnoid, subclavian, subcorneal, subcortical, subcutaneous, subdural, subendocardial, suberosis, subglottic, subglottis, subinvolution, subjective, sublingual, subluxation, submandibular, submersion, submucous, subsequent, subserosal, substance, substances, substitutes, subtrochanteric, successful, succinimides, sudden, suis, sulfide, sulfonamides, sulfur, sunburn, sunstroke, superficial, superficial, superimposed, superior, supernumerary, supervision, support, supporting, suppressed, suppurativa, suppurative, supraglottis, supratentorial, supraventricular, surface, surgery, surgical, surveillance, suspect, suspected, suspiciousness, suture, sutures, swallowed, sweat, swelling, sylvatic, sylvius, symbolic, sympathetic, symphysis, symptomatic, symptoms, syncope, syncytial, syndactyly, syndrome, syndrome, syndromes, synechiae, syngamiasis, synovial, synovitis, synovium, synthetic, syphilis, syphilitic, syringobulbia, syringomyelia, system, systemic, systemically, systems,
tachycardia, tachypnoea, taenia, taeniasis, tags, tail, taken, talc, talipes, tall, talus, tarda, target, tarsal, tarsus, taste, teachers, tear, teeth, teething, telangiectasia, telogen, temperature, temporal, temporomandibular, tendency, tendineae, tendinitis, tendon, tendons, tenesmus, tenosynovitis, tension, tentorial, term, termination, terrorism, test, testes, testicle, testicular, testing, testis, tests, tetanus, tetany, tetrachloride, tetrachloroethylene, tetracyclic, tetracyclines, tetralogy, tetraplegia, texture, thalassaemia, thalassaemias, than, thanatophoric, their, therapeutic, therapy, thiamine, thickening, thigh, thioxanthene, third, thirst, thoracic, thoracoabdominal, thoracogenic, thorax, thoughts, threat, threatened, throat, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic, thrombocytosis, thrombolytic, thrombophlebitis, thrombosed, thrombosis, thrombotic, through, thumb, thymus, thyroid, thyroiditis, thyrotoxicosis, tibia, tibial, tic, tick, tight, time, timori, tin, tinea, tinnitus, tissue, tissue, tissues, titre, tobacco, toe, toes, tolerance, tone, tongue, tonsil, tonsillar, tonsillitis, tonsils, tooth, tophaceous, topical, topically, torsion, torticollis, total, towards, toxic, toxicum, toxins, toxoplasmosis, trachea, tracheitis, tracheobronchial, tracheomalacia, tracheostomy, trachoma, tract, tract, traction, tracts, traffic, train, training, trait, traits, trance, transcobalamin, transepidermal, transfer, transformation, transfused, transfusion, transient, transitory, translocation, transmission, transmitted, transmural, transplant, transplanted, transport, transsexualism, transverse, transvestism, trauma, traumatic, traumatic, traumatica, treatment, tremor, trench, trial, triatriatum, triceps, trichiasis, trichilemmal, trichloroethylene, trichomoniasis, trichorrhexis, trichostrongyliasis, trichotillomania, tricuspid, tricyclic, trifascicular, trigeminal, trigger, trigone, trigonitis, triplet, triploidy, trisomies, trisomy, trochanteric, trochlear, tropica, tropical, true, trunk, trypanosomiasis, tsutsugamushi, tubal, tube, tuberculin, tuberculoid, tuberculosis, tuberculous, tuberous, tubes, tuboplasty, tubotympanic, tubular, tularaemia, tumour, tumours, tunica, tunnel, turbinates, twin, twins, tympanic, tympanosclerosis, type, typhi, typhoid, typhus, tyrosinaemia, tyrosine,
ulcer, ulceration, ulcerative, ulceroglandular, ulcers, ulerythematosa, ulna, ulnar, ultrasonic, ultrasound, ultraviolet, umbilical, unacceptable, unattainable, unavailability, unavailable, uncertain, uncongenial, unconventional, underachievement, underdevelopment, underfeeding, undescended, undetermined, undifferentiated, undue, unemployment, unguium, unhappiness, unicornate, unilateral, uninhibited, union, universalis, unknown, unqualified, unrestricted, unsocialized, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unspecified, unstable, unusually, unwanted, upbringing, upper, upper, urachus, uraemia, urban, urea, ureter, ureteral, ureteric, ureteropelvic, urethra, urethral, urethritis, urethrocele, uric, urinary, urine, urogenital, uropathy, urticaria, use, used, using, usually, uteri, uterine, uterovaginal, uterus, uvula,
vaccine, vaccines, vacuum, vagina, vaginal, vaginalis, vaginismus, vaginitis, vagus, valgus, vallecula, valley, valproic, valve, valves, vanadium, vancomycin, vapours, variable, variations, varicella, varices, varicose, varioliformis, various, varus, vas, vasa, vascular, vasculare, vasculitis, vasculopathies, vasculopathy, vasodilators, vasomotor, vasoplasty, vater, vault, vegetans, vehicle, vehicles, vein, veins, vena, venezuelan, venom, venomous, venous, ventral, ventricle, ventricles, ventricular, ventriculoarterial, verbosity, versicolor, vertebra, vertebral, vertex, vertical, vertigo, very, vesical, vesicle, vesicles, vesicointestinal, vesicovaginal, vesicular, vessel, vessels, vestibular, vestibule, viable, vibration, vibratory, vibrio, victim, violence, viral, virus, visceral, viscosity, visible, vision, visual, vitamin, vitamins, vitreous, vitro, vivax, vocal, vocational, voice, volvulus, vomit, vomiting, voyeurism, vulgaris, vulva, vulvae, vulval, vulvar, vulvitis,
waiting, walking, wall, war, warfare, warfarin, wasting, water, weapons, web, webbed, webbing, weeks, weight, welfare, west, western, wet, wheelchair, wheezing, while, white, whole, whom, whooping, wide, wild, window, with, with, with, with, withdrawal, within, without, work, workmates, wound, wound, wounds, wrist, wrist, wrong, wrongly, wuchereria,
xanthelasma, xenogenic, xeroderma, xerophthalmic, xerosis, xi, xxx,
yaws, yellow, yersinia, yersiniosis, young,
zinc, zone, zoonotic, zoster, zygomycoses, zygomycosis,